I do my very best to hold space for these Divine energies to come through all my readings and healing to help you and give you guidance on your path.

I am a light worker and my aim is to see you happy, successful and confident in your outcome, for you to move forward in life. I work from my heart chakra to vibrate compassion toward yourself, in loving yourself because I care for all beings as we are all part of one energy.

In everything I do I have certifications, diplomas and public liability insurance. However I believe, in life there is not such as qualification that can connect you to Divine but life experience its self.

My advice to you all is to remember that when having reading nothing is set in stone, you can change the outcome of your desire if it is not serving you by simply changing the way you think and I can help you with that by introducing techniques, affirmations and mantras.

Sorcerer.guru @ Created by Serif 2019

Hi beautiful energies, I am Kai.

I am a Tantric Guru healer, an intuitive reader and an empath. Since a young age I knew I had a spiritual gift that helped me to feel and connect with other peoples feelings, see the outcome and how I can help them.

I come from a bloodline of spiritual workers and tantra healers, I work with the vibration of tantra the Goddess Kali, Lord Shiva and the Archangels. The vibration comes from Varanasi India, the motherland of my ancestors, it is a very powerful, holy and sacred place where I go once a year to cleanse and recharge.