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Past life regression is a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations

Once seated I will do a group protection ritual and grounding.

We will do a  Special Breathing exercise, once you relax, I take you into a spiritual trance and that is when the magic starts.

The event held by
kai parharath

Duration: 1 hour

Price: Time:

Past life regression

in UK

Kundalini Meditation

 2 Day Shrooms Ceremony in Holland opens a portal to the Spirit World

Ayahuasca Ceremony


Ayahuasca is an ancient plant medicine that not only helps to heal the body but also restore mind and soul.

Ayahuasca is an intense cleansing agent, it is used as a treatment of depression or addiction, for spiritual reasons, post-traumatic stress disorder and other psychological issues.

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The event held by
Maria Johanna

Discover how to awaken kundalini energy by releasing it from the base of your spine and up through the 7 chakras

 Different techniques of meditation and Breathing exercises.

Take your spiritual destiny into your own hands and Book Today.

The event held by
kai parharath

Duration: 1 hour

Friday + Saturday 2 nights click dates & bookings for availability.

In this ceremony:
We will teach you grounding & Breathing techniques,

Meditation & self protection,

We will do a spiritual cleanse

Crystal & Vibration healing

Hand projection healing.

The benefits of this ceremony:

You will get rid of depression, stress you will be able to ask questions to your higher self and be enlightened, get

deep knowledge and spiritual awakening.
The start of the ceremony:

We will all sit in a circle and I will do a group protection ritual, then you will have the shroom spiritual tea, sit back and meditate, that is where the magic starts.

What you are provided with:

Two nights with Bedding, pillow,  blanket, shower facility, Breakfast and lunch, unlimited special tea.

We will give you Coaching and advice. A professional team will always be around to help you.
Lots of caring and love.

At the end of the ceremony:

A one-to-one counselling session and a spiritual cleansing.

“Magic” mushrooms really do have a spiritual effect on people, life is short why live it unhappy.


 Meet loved ones in the spirit world. The past ones try to connect with you every day to give you guidance and comfort, if you want to say goodbye or know that your loved one are in a happy place book now.

  Once seated I will do a group protection ritual and grounding

We will do a  Special Breathing exercise then I take you into a hypnotic trance.

The event held by

kai parharath

Duration: 1 hour

Check available dates of the next event and book now!

To participate in any event you must be over 18.

48 Hours before the event DO NOT: eat any kind of meat or dairy products, drink alcohol or do any kind of highs.
Arrive 15 minutes earlier to get your seat.

Price: £65.00

Price: £65.00

Price: £65.00

Price: £589.00

Hypnosis Mediumship

Past lives Memories

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Held in Holland

Spiritual Awakening

Loved Ones