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House Cleansing

Distant healing

Tarot or Oracle

Hypnosis Mediumship

Crystal & Hand

Projection Healing


Anxiety Treatment.

Bad Habits.

Depression Self Help.

Fears and Phobias.

Grief and Loss.

Health Issues.

Motivation & Inspiration.

Pain Relief.

Personal Development.

Quit Smoking.

Relationship Help.

Relaxation Techniques.

Self Confidence.

Sleep Problems, Insomnia.

Stress Management.

Weight Loss.
Past Life Regression.    


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Reasons for a Space Clearing

1.  You have moved into a new home.

2.  You have had an illness in the household.

3.  There has been heavy emotional arguments

4.  Constantly feel confused, depressed or fear.

5.  Fear going to sleep at night

6.  You sense spiritual disturbances.

7.  Feel cold spots of energy in your home.

8.  Feel uneasy in a particular room.

9.  You feel your home is haunted

10. strong position overtaking.

House / land/ office

If you'd like to gain clarity in your life, a Tarot reading or oracle could be just the thing you need.

It will help you to connect with your intuition and encourage you to make positive decisions in the future.

You may gain a new perspective on life and leave your reading with a new found sense of awareness and knowledge.

Make a difficult decision.

Yes or no to answers.

New job. Love life.

Price: Time:

Distance healing is a form of energy healing as the name suggest the recipient is not physically present with the healer to receive the healing. It may be done over the  photo at any time.  What I do is quantum healing projected on to your photo Once a week for many reasons, happiness, success prosperity, good health, wealth uplifting and I also use a help of other healer to project their energy too.

involves placing a Sound bowl and gemstones on the body to draw out negative energy.  Crystal healing has many benefit, crystals and other stones are used  to

 Reduce stress and anxiety, Lower anger and blood pressure. Improve circulation and increases blood flow.
Deep relaxation and pain relief. Chakra balancing.

Increase mental and emotional clarity. Promote stillness, happiness and well being.

Check available dates of the next event and book now!

To participate you must be over 18.24 Hours before the session

DO NOT: eat any kind of meat, drink alcohol or do any kind of high.


30 min  


30 min  


1 year


45 min


45 min


Quantum Healing

Dates &  Bookings

Singing Bowls

Loved ones

 Meet loved ones in the spirit world. The past ones try to connect with you every day to give you guidance and comfort, if you want to say goodbye or know that your loved one are in a happy place book now.

  Once seated I will do a group protection ritual and grounding

We will do a  Special Breathing exercise then I take you into a hypnotic trance and that is when the magic starts.

(1 to a max of 6 people)